Why Do Job Seekers Use Resume Templates

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Many career placement experts urge career seekers not to use resume templates. While there is some validitiy to this advice, with some additional work many job seekers can create a strong resume from resume templates. Templates are just fine for putting together a resume as long as job seekers spend a little time tweaking the template to make their resumes stand out from the crowd. Job seekers can follow these tips to make the most out of any resume template, spicing it up to make it stand out to potential employers. Don't Get Bound by the Template Do not feel obligated to just plug in information into the template and leave it at that. Instead, change things to insert some personality into the resume. Job hunters should use a font that is professional, yet…show more content…
The majority of applicants just use a standard Microsoft Word template. Don't be afraid to go bold with one from Google Docs or some other source. Resume Generators It is often a good idea to go with a resume generator from a website that helps matches up job seekers with employers. Many times these generators can be customized to allow a little more creativity than a standard resume template. However, just like resume templates, resumes created by resume generators need to be tweaked to fit the personality of the job applicant. Look over the resume after it is created. Change the fonts, borders, section breaks and the like to individualize the resume to best reflect strengths and minimize weaknesses. Bring the Resume into the 21st Century This last part is a little controversial, but in this day and age many people are enhancing resumes with multimedia. Instead of sending a potential employer a resume, many job seekers are now sending them links to websites that show much more of themselves than a simple piece of paper will. These pages can show a portfolio along with a resume. This can include webpages that show videos of the
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