Why Do Juveniles Join Gangs?

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GANG VIOLENCE PREVENTION WHY DO JUVENILES JOIN GANGS? Juveniles often join gangs to be accepted into a society of their peers. These juveniles are looking for acceptance and a sense of belonging. They join these gangs for special status amongst their friends, protection from other gangs, financial help, peer pressure, excitement and for some juveniles, they are born into a gang society and it is a family tradition. Gangs can also act like a family. They will praise, chastise and show them a form of love and respect that they are looking for but cannot get at home. https://www.ojjdp.gov/jjbulletin/9808/why.html WHAT ARE SOME SOCIAL CHARACTERISTICS (PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE) COMMONLY ASSOCIATED WITH AN INDIVIDUAL INVOLVED IN A GANG?…show more content…
Their sense of right and wrong goes against what society believes is right and wrong, this is what strengthens the gang members to seek refuge within that gang society. WHAT CAN PARENTS DO TO HELP THEIR CHILDREN STAY CLEAR OF GANGS? As a parent, the best thing you can do to help keep your children from joining a gang or a so-called "Social Group" is to talk to them on a daily bases about the negative impact gangs have on the community and on people lives. Talk to them about the consequences of joining or just hanging out with people in or associated with a gang. Have family dinner time. For dinner, everyone sit at a table together, no cell phones and no TV; just conversation. Use this time to find out what is all going on in your children lives, the name of their friends and their likes and dislikes. Get the passwords to all your children’s Facebook, twitter, email and other social accounts. Make sure the family computer is in a common area and the screen can be seen by all. If your children have cell phones, switch over to a prepaid plan that you can control so they can not send pictures or text messages. Have family time. Take the family out to the zoo, trips to the country, visit museums, and other places in which the family would like to visit. Spending times like this helps to strengthen family bonds and help keep children from looking toward gangs for excitement, fun and
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