Why Do Leaves Change Color?

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Why do leaves change color?
Once upon a long time ago, there was a hero, named Internatus. He was the hero who made history, made a difference in his kingdom. But not for who you think, he spoke for the trees, just like the trees spoke to him. Yes, he could communicate with things in nature, he was isolated, the whole village thought of him as strange and different. But Internatus was a smart young man, he was 17 and had mastered his speaking abilities. Even though he enjoyed speaking with the flowers and the grass, he most enjoyed speaking with the trees. He enjoyed it so much, whenever they requested anything, he would satisfy. One day they gave him a request that changed his life, the trees were tired of staying green. They wanted to be able to change color, Internatus was convinced to do anything for them, because only they accepted him. So Internatus grabbed his satchel, and took off seeking the queen. He knew the queen lived in the east, in a stone barren area, the whole place containing lava. She was a beautiful queen, on the outside, but on the inside she was as nasty and horrid as her surroundings. Internatus began his journey, he began walking, until he noticed someone was trailing him. He began to run, but the person kept chasing him, until the person caught up to him and grabbed him. When Internatus turned around, he flipped the person’s hood, it was an old man. The old man looked at him and said
“So you seek the queen? I can help you”.
“Really? How did you…
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