Why Do Managers Plan?

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One significant advantage of this type of system is that it can provide historical data that allows good planning to be done from the beginning, and this might improve the probability of success of a project or production process Why do Managers Plan 4 based on the past lessons learned that are taken into consideration when developing the current plan. The MIS was developed to assist managers in gathering information, generating ideas and alternatives and also for analyzing this information and choosing from among the competing alternatives. This MIS is just another tool to emphasize why managers plan. Another area that planning is important for managers is multi-project planning and resource control. This area is also related to the area of enterprise resource planning (ERP). Both of these areas require the use of business planning tools to make the manager’s job of planning for needed materials and resources much easier to manage through the use of technology and computer programs. One of the most challenging aspects of a manager’s job is to ensure that he/she effectively manages projects or production processes without exhausting the organization’s limited resources (Multiproject Planning and Resource Controls, December 2006). When we talk of managers, I think it is important to realize that managers are in all industries
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