Why Do Men Give Human Traits

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Why do men give human traits to the god? In today’s world we have many different type of religions nowadays, and also all religions have different type of gods. It is so hard to know what kind of religions people believe in India or even in China as there are so many different religions in different part of world. Everyone has some kind of belief in god. However, sometimes it is inherited from their parents or from their hierarchy. It is said in many holy books that all gods are same; just we humans differentiate them as we differentiate for races on earth. I believe that gods have more power than human do, but they seem very much like humans. Actually, they felt same human emotions such as anger, hatred and love; they also had some lustful desires that every mankind in this world have. They took in some kind of human activities such as drinking wine, celebrating festivals and used to kill their enemies on the battle field.
They possess same physical and emotional characteristics as we humans have. Mortal women could be compared to Aphrodite 's beauty and Zeus could be outwitted and fooled. There are many mortal women for whom Zeus cheated on his own wife Hera. In Ovid, there is one story about how Zeus falls in love with Io, who was as beautiful as Aphrodite (Humphries, 21). There were many incidences in Ovid, where Hera fooled mortal women and men to take revenge from lovers of Jove. Semele was one of the other mortal women with whom Hera cleverly took revenge from…
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