Why Do Men Use Steroids

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Many body builders mans believed in “The pain you feel it today will be the strength you feel it tomorrow”. Boys nowadays spend their free time at the gym. All they want it to have a big body full of muscles. That is not the case; the case is that some boys are taking steroid. The steroid came like bills or injections and it have many types, each type has a specific job on the man body. It act like a hormones or vitamins that help the muscles to build faster. There are three impacts of using the steroid such as, disrupting the hormonal system, damaging the heart and losing in athletic competitions.

The initial effect is, ruining the normal work of the hormonal system of the man body. If the men used to take the steroid, it will make some
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Some studies show that the steroid has a bad effect on the human heart. Some of the steroid ingredients make the blood pressure get higher after taking the injection. Every time the man will take the steroid the blood pressure will raise. As a result, this will make the heart become weak and it might leads to a heart attack.

The last effect is loosing in some athletic competitions. Most of these men are getting fitness and have muscle not just for having power. They want to join in some competitions for the best body. They work on their selves on the gym but there is no enough time so they use the steroid to get their muscles bigger. These types of competitions do not allow them to join if they knew that they are doing that. So, if the judges know they will lose the competitions. In that moment, they will feel angry because of the mood swings, and their blood pressure will get much higher and that is a big problem for their health.

To summaries, there are three different effect of taking the steroid. Changing the hormones, damage the heart, loosing the game. I suggest to any boy who wants to build up his body, to find a good coach that can help him at the gym and give him a good diet that will build his muscles faster and in healthy way. Lastly, I think that the ministry of health takes the decision on stopping these type of injection and
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