Why Do Monsters Exist

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Primo Levi once said, “Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and act without asking questions.” (Primo Levi) Throughout World War II there were many horrendous conditions and actions that were done by many different people. It is petrifying to think that normal people were capable, both physically and emotionally, to carry out these despicable acts. However; people are followers and often do not think of their actions when everyone around them is committing the same act. It was also likely that committing these actions were simply easier than standing up to Hitler and the other powerful Nazis. Power and money also have a massive grab on humans…show more content…
The second after he pulls the trigger he realizes what he has done. He looks around and realizes that no one even flinched, it has been happening often lately and it does not seem to have any impact except for the child’s screaming mother, who a different soldier has silenced. He brushes off what he did because it was normal and everyone else was doing it. It seemed to be right and just. He realizes that his peers are doing the same thing, and besides that was there job. It was easier to follow orders and forget than it was to try and justify his actions. How could these soldier do what they did when we flinch every time it is talked about? It is because it was easier. It was easier to follow orders and listen to the boss and not think about what they were actually doing. And besides, if they did start to think, they simply reminded themselves that it was to better the future of Germany. They thought it would pay off. Power and money were also influencers in this time of genocide. The Nazi soldiers were elite and powerful. They were payed well and lived extravagant lives. They were looked up to by most, and they were practically worshiped. Overall, the excuses and ways that can be thought up to defend the Nazi soldiers and what they did is frightening in itself. It is terrifying to think of the way one man was able to justify these acts to the 66 million card-carrying Nazis and of how Hitler was able to convince thirteen million people to do atrocious things to other people. We need to remember what these people did and how their actions affected the lives of so many, even if they did not think it would, or they were to cowardice to think about
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