Why Do More Than Half Of Indian Women Not Express A Preference For Sons?

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Gender Economics Assignment 2 Prof. Rupa Korde Ronak shah LE2012761090 1. Why do more than half of Indian women not express a preference for sons? What is special about these women and communities, and how can these “positive deviants” be studied as a possible resource for policy design? ANSWER: When questioned about the ideal sex composition of the families, it was clear that Indian women preferred boys over girls. In the following table you will be able to see how it is. I have explained it after the table. Ideal Number Boys Girls 0 7.1% 12.8% 1 33.1% 63.9% 2 59.8% 23.3% When a review was taken we realized that a majority of women, at least 59.8% wanted two or more sons while 33.1% wanted at least one son. It has been observed however that son preference is not universal and that more than half of Indian women express a balance of sons and daughters. The percentage of women preferring equal numbers of boys and girls is 54.1% while women preferring more boys to girls are 46%. The reason as to why more than half of Indian women express a preference for sons is because of various factors. One of the principal factors is education. It is found that educated women are less likely to prefer sons over daughters. With an increase in primary level schooling, there is a decrease in son preference. Hence the decrease of this preference is even more profound with exposure to secondary level education. Other factors that analysts have seen a negative association
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