Why Do Most Scientific People Reject Religion

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Question 1
I believe most scientific people appear to reject religious accounts of human creation because they agree with scientific reasoning. Scientific principles encourage experimentation and hypothesis testing, therefore scientist have a hard time agreeing with what is spread with religious accounts. Furthermore, in the scientific community SI is significant as many scientists learn and work together as a result what is deemed the norm in the scientific community is what scientific people agree with. Finally, science requires great thinkers who are not scared of voicing their opinion people like Galileo and Darwin who went against the church. As a result became part of the SC theory having to be subject to prosecution from those who hold power in this situation being the church vs. scientific reasoning.

Question 2
Some religious people reject scientific accounts because they believe science to be an attack on their religious beliefs. Therefore, religious people in guidance with the SC theory are willing to protect those who hold power,
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Science and religion can coexist because people must understand that science and religion are two ways of understanding and they answer different questions. Today, scientific and religious leaders agree that science and religion represent different realities in life. Furthermore, based on the SF theory scientist also believe that religion is significant in upholding stability and solidarity in society such as it does in the scientific community by upholding moral guidance. Finally, based on the SC theory in history, we have observed that some of the most religious systems have also encouraged scientific progress. Therefore, religious leaders understand that religious restriction prohibits development and scientific growth to the point that the most powerful leaders have encouraged scientific
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