Why Do Parents Allow Their Children To Have Technological

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Why do parents allow their children to have technological devices at a young age? There are various reasons as to why parents allow devices at a young age, but are they valid reasons? Before technology became a popular item, children played outside, they played on their Nintendo, or DS, and now children stay indoors on a warm day and play on their phones or tablets, instead of getting in physical activity. Parents are more likely to give their children these devices out in public because they want their child to behave. Parents have become dependent on technology, which has led to children becoming dependent on having these devices with them wherever they go. Children from the ages of two to twelve have been negatively impacted using…show more content…
Compared to the year of 1995, where girls spent three and a half hours watching television, teenage girls in 2015 spend seven and a half hours watching television (Wakefield). As the children are growing up, the more exposure they are given to technology, and the more hours are spent behind screens. Children are replacing physical activity with video games, YouTube, Netflix, text messaging, and social media accounts. Instead of going outside on a nice, sunny day, they would much rather stay indoors and play on their IPod, IPhone, tablets, or computers. In Jim Taylor’s article, there were studies done on children and screen time. While most researchers thought that children did not spend that much time on their devices due to busy schedules, they were shocked to find out that children are just multitasking. They are texting, playing video games, and watching videos or movies in between their free times, or even while doing their homework. Children are becoming less active and more dependent on their devices. Jim Taylor’s article included a breakdown of the amount spent on technology which was 25% on social media, 19% on video games, 16% on video sites, and 13% on texting. About 97% of children between the age of twelve and seventeen play video games, and by the age of
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