Why Do Parents Struggle With Depression Or Obese Children?

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rates low. This is also pushing more children into poverty. The fact of the matter is that children suffer an unfair share of deprivation and hardship plus other bad outcomes. Not only do poor children have access to less materialistic items than rich or middle-class children, but they are also more likely to suffer from more health issues due to lack of healthcare. There have been studies that show there is a link between parents struggling with depression and an increase in child injuries and having to go to the emergency room. However, a recent study conducted in the New York theorized that mothers with symptoms of depression are more than two and a half times more likely to have an overweight or obese child. The studies of the environment and behavior have been studied for many years. One of the most famous psychologists, John Watson theorized that all individual differences in behavior only existed because of the differences in the way they were learned. In his most famous quote John Watson stated:…show more content…
(Watson, 1924, p. 104) In the most famous behaviorism experiment done by Watson and Rayner (1920) showed that the overall theory of behaviorism is in fact true. The subject of the experiment was Little Albert, a 9 month old little boy. He was tested and observed on his reactions to different stimuli. Little Albert was presented with a white rat, a rabbit, a monkey and other objects. In the beginning Watson and Rayner noted that the little boy showed no fear or emotion when presented with
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