Why Do People Attend College and Universities?

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Why do people Attend College and universities?

Colleges and Universities are the main resources for people to gain knowledge and get an education. The education we got from high school is not enough for our lives because it is just the basic material; however, professors in colleges or in Universities teach us all the subjects in more detail than in high school. We learn almost everything about our career in college. We learn everything related to our chosen major in college or university, and when we finish college, we can be able to find a better job in our field. There is no limit for knowledge in this universe; we can get knowledge as much as we want. People become well educated in many different ways. We become educated by
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We also learn how to deal with different problems in college. We learn basics in high school; however, in college we study everything in depth. For example, my elder brother studied about chemistry in high school; however, he is studying chemistry in college as his major subject. Nowadays, there is too much competition in finding good jobs, and candidates are required to have a higher education with good experience. The higher the education we have, the more opportunity we will have. The people who have college or university degree or certificate will able to get good jobs. The final purpose after a long process of study is to improve their life by getting good jobs. It also shows that the most degrees or certificates we get from educational institute are used to support job application. The most important stage in our lives is to build or develop our career and most of the people after graduation from high school sign up for colleges or universities to become well educated and trained in their field. Some of them go for professional degrees and some of them like to choose major in specific subjects. Colleges and the universities are the place who make people’s achieve their aims or goals by preparing them for a field they have been chosen. For example, if I go to the engineering school, they will teach me everything about engineering, and they will
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