Why Do People Build Fences

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All throughout the world people build fences. Some want to keep things in, but others want to keep things out. China built their fence to protect their territory. Everyday people build fences to mark their property and keep animals in. In the play “Fences,” by August Wilson, Troy and other characters of the play built their fences for many different reasons.

Troy put up many fences through the play. During his affair with Alberta forced him to build fences, figuratively speaking, to keep all of his secrets inside. He was trying to hide it but realized that he needed to tell Rose, so he took the fence down. Troy also put up a fence between his children and him. Troy believed that a father just provided for his family but showed no affection towards them, as long as there was food on the table, he was happy, but because of this view on fatherhood, he was just pushing his children away. Troy is outraged when Cory asks him, “How come you ain’t ever like me?” (Wilson 37). He is mad because he believes that he is a good father because he provides, but that was just his way of unknowingly putting up a “fence” so that he would not have to show his emotions. Throughout the play Cory begs for his father’s approval and
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Troy struggled with building the fence because he did not feel the same connection with his family. The conflicts with his kids, and his affair with Alberta made him feel that he was a disgrace to his family. In the beginning of the play, Troy wanted Cory to help him put up the fence, but Cory did not want to, but one of the reasons that Troy wanted the fence to be built was to keep his family close. Cory’s persistence for not wanting to build the fence upset Troy, not just because his son was disobeying, but because his son did not want to spend the time with his father as a family. Troy did not realize this right away, but when he saw how separated he was, he knew the fence had to be
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