Why Do People Do For College? Essay

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Why Do People Not Want to go to College? “You know why? Cause when I die buddy, you know what 's gonna keep me warm? That 's right, those degrees." This a lyric from a song written by Kanye West entitled "School Spirit (skit 2)." It is off his album College Dropout. This album sold 3.3 million copies in the US alone. These lyrics represent the perception that the public has regarding college. What people think college is about and the what the realities are. To understand the purpose of college, it helps to first understand the underlying question on why many people don’t want to go to college. There are many preconceived notions people have about college. One notion is that it is only for “smart” people. That it is only meant for people that did well in k-12 schooling. The second notion is that college is only worth going through if they are attending what is considered a “good” college. The third is that people think all colleges are too expensive, that there is no way to pay for it without building a mountain of debt. The fourth notion will look at how culture influences the choice of whether or not to go to college. Why do people think college is only for smart people? This preconceived notion usually starts early in a child’s life. When you are in grade school you are told college is important. Then through the grades of 8th - 12th, teachers and faculty really push going to "good" colleges and that the smart people in the school should plan to go to one. Instead

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