Why Do People Do It?

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At some point in our lives, we all have been criticized, perhaps in a positive or professional way or the opposite a negative way. Often it is difficult to accept, it all depends on our reaction. In this case you can use the criticism as a method of improvement or in a negative way that can lower your self-esteem and cause anger, stress, aggression and sadness. There is no one or anything that can stop it. It has been going on for so long and no one has found a cure to the illness. It is incurable just like Ebola. It spreads around easily and anyone can catch it. Is it right? Why do people do it? This story reminded me of a personal experience. It was on August 24, 2000 a beautiful Monday morning, a beautiful day that turned into a…show more content…
Ms. White was a nice and understanding teacher. She assigned me with three other people, Jeffrey, Max and Thomas. Max was the first one to address me, and I answered him in Creole. He started to laugh at me and made fun of me. He started calling me “stupid “, “dirty Haitian”, and pushed me during recess. He asked the others to made fun of me, and everyone in the school made fun of me behind the teacher’s back. I was bullied and was abused; I was unable to express myself since I spoke no English. I felt humiliated, and I wanted to quit school. Every morning I cried, and was unable to express my emotions to my parents because I did not want the boys to get in trouble. I was depressed, sad and lonely. I felt as if I did not belong. I was angry and sad every day, I was bullied every day. The hurts were engraved in my memories and thoughts. It was the worst feelings ever. I was feeling this way for the entire school year. The next school year the same things happened, although I knew a little English it did not change a thing. The boys always denied it and they were never caught. This was one of the worst feelings ever, being stereotyped, bullied or criticized for no particular reason. I did not do anything to deserve it nor did the characters from the story. We are all humans no matter the race, height, weight or genders. We are all made of the same organelles, and we all function the same way no matter our class or race. I am strongly against any

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