Why Do People Do Volunteer Work-Research Proposal

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TITLE: Why volunteer? Factors that motivate volunteer behaviour in a church, from the perspective of the volunteer. AUTHUR: 31889638 HMPYC80 Assignment 02 Page 1 Unique Number: 657101 COVER LETTER Mr James Guilder Kenneth Copeland Ministries Milton Office Park Avocet Close Bromhoff 2196 Dear Sir In our most recent meeting you expressed some frustration at the ministries inability to retain volunteers for its various projects. I believe I may be able to assist in this regard. As you know, I am currently an honours student in Psychology at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and as such I have a special interest in the factors which motivate the behaviour of different individuals. As part of my honours…show more content…
The importance of volunteers in the non-profit sector cannot be over emphasised. According to Prouteau and Wolf (2008) “As part of the John Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project, information on volunteering from 24 countries shows that the financial value of this unpaid input represents on average a contribution which is twice as high as the amount of cash donations. (p. 315). Reed II, Aquino and Levy (Becsi & Balasubramanian, 2008) estimate the contribution of US volunteers to the economy to be no less than $272 billion annually. Research Rational Identifying those factors that motivate volunteerism is vital for all non-profit organisations; including churches and Christian ministries, as the bulk of their work force tend to be unpaid. In order to attract and retain volunteers, volunteer administrators have to meet the needs, goals and expectations of volunteers. Success in meeting their motivational needs would mean a lower turnover of volunteers. (Prouteau & Wolf, 2008, p.315) Brudney (1990) “satisfied volunteers make the most persuasive recruiters of other volunteers”, non-profit managers need to take into account this relational motivation to attract and to retain their Page 3 unpaid workers (Prouteau and Wolff, 2008). This research project seeks to address the following: how do those who volunteer in church settings experience their volunteerism and what expectations and goals do they have for

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