Why Do People Drink And Drive?

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Many people drink and drive. This poor reckless decision has put many children and adults in hospital beds. Drinking and driving has to be one of the worst things you do. Not just for yourself but for others. Drinking and driving can kill you and others affecting both of you, family and friends. You can also get chargers and fines…but those are the least of the problems. When you drink and drive you are taking a harder risk to keep yourself and others safe.

According to REACH “Many people drink and drive knowing it's against the law but people do it anyway because they believe they are less drunk than they actually are.”1 Drinking and driving puts you and other people at risk! According to ACADD “when you drink your normal brain function
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According to Driving “You can face prison time. Depending on the state in which you reside, and whether or not this is your first offense, some states may hand down a manslaughter charge while others will give you a second or third degree murder charge.”3 Not to mention, according to “9,967 people killed in drunk driving cases in 2014 and in 2013 10,076 were killed that is 1 every 53 minutes.” In addition according to “209 child passengers ages 14 and younger who died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes in 2014, over half (116) were riding in the vehicle with the alcohol-impaired driver.” This is killing innocent kids and it's not even there fault.”5 Parents are losing kids because a immature adult couldn't call a cab or ask a friend to drive them…show more content…
People have to stop doing this. It's killing thousands of people. It's losing you money and causing people to be behind bars. Drinking and driving puts others at risk, causes people to lose money and causes injuries up to death. Drinking and driving is dangerous and should be
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