Why Do People Free Apps Download And Making Money?

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Trust No One Imagine small third party companies watching every step you take and viewing your actions through your own cellphone camera that 's looking right at you. Watching you walk the dog, or drive in the car, or lounge around in the privacy of your own home. Here 's the catch, these party companies are making money off of you when your phone is in use, without your realization. These are the exploits that are happening as the days go by, and no one seems to shine light on this subject. The main issue here is that big companies, such as Google, are giving people free apps to download and making money. They do this not only by customers making in-app purchases, but for selling your personal information to third party companies who…show more content…
In other words, Hanke starts one business and leads it into another. Hanke is behind some of the biggest software that we have such as: Google maps, Google earth, and Google street view. Hanke is also a founder of “KeyHole” which was founded in 2001. Keyhole was a software that specialized in geospatial data visualization applications, which is basically all the magic behind Google Earth and Google Maps. Keyhole was funded by a non profit organization called “IN-Q-TEL”. This organization was founded by the Central Intelligence Agency, and what they do is “bridge the gap between the technology needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) and emerging commercial innovation.” (IQT) In other words, IN-Q-TEL keeps the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and also the National Security Association (NSA) equipped with the latest technology that they need. In shorter terms, IN-Q-TEL helped fund Keyhole, and Keyhole was later purchased by Google for 34 million dollars in 2004. Following that in 2010, a company within Google by the name of Niantic Labs was coming to be the creator of Pokemon GO. All of this information intertwines together to spark a small controversy amongst our privacy as humans of the United States of America. Many believe it is safe to download free games and or apps from the Android and iOS store, but they do not understand how dangerous it can truly be. Have you ever wondered how a free game like Pokemon Go was able to
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