Why Do People Get Married? What Do Marriage?

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Why do people get married? What do marriage stands for? Marriage is a union between two people who wish to unite their life together. The reason that people today get married is for love. However, marriage means more than love. A reason why many people get married is that have acquire the companionship, love, and comfort in another person. The idea of a marriage has different meanings to people. In the past centuries, a great number of people would marry for money and resources, rather than love. In modern times, many philosophies have procured a change throughout the year. In her book marriage Juliet H severance states that ¨marriage institution claim that it offers the best possible opportunity for individual and collective happiness…¨(severance 3) Marriage is a way to achieve happiness. Many ideas for a marriage have procure change, however some ideas still live on and are still practiced. Marriage is a form of motivation, regardless of their reasons. The reasons people get married mainly love, money and traditions. The first major reason for the existence of a marriage is love. Modern marriages take love as its most influenced to get married. So many would ask what love is? Love is caring deeply about another person, it seems impossible to be without them. Many The ideology allows people from different social classes, religions, genders and races to unify their relationship. Mostly people marry when they find a person who is a friend, protector, supporter and a…
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