Why Do People Have The Right To Choose Death?

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These people, suffering unwillingly from an agonizing and dehumanizing disease, should ultimately have the choice between life and death; this is a basic human right guaranteed to every individual. Every person has control over their life and what they do with it, so, in the end, the choice between living and dying should be in their hands. According to a college professor, Howard Ball, “The right to self-determination is guaranteed by the ‘liberty’ provision in the U.S. Constitution's due process clause. A terminally ill patient has the liberty to choose death...It is an absolute right possessed by an individual; the government cannot abrogate it” (Ball 2015 para. 14). The debate of which this act should become legal or not is obsolete according to the Constitution, however the government still tries to go against…show more content…
(Goodman 2015 para. 12). Best said by the executive director of the American Humanist Association, Roy Speckhardt, “Whether or not we are family, friends, or politicians, we don't have the right to delay our sense of loss so that people who are in pain continue to suffer” (Speckhardt 2015 para. 5). Death is overall a painful experience when it comes to the emotional view of it, but nothing is more painful than having to continuously live out a life of physical and mental pain and humiliation. Letting loved one’s go is difficult, but, ultimately, whatever the one suffering wishes for should undoubtedly be respected and carried out. This is a right that everyone possesses and that cannot be taken from anyone, not by their family and not by their government. Therefore, when it comes down to it, this act should be passed everywhere in order to promote the human rights all people have and to express the simple act of compassion, as expressed through the success of various states and countries who have already implemented
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