Why Do People Kill Luo Men?

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The third narrative is found in a journal article which discusses the charges of the Kikuyu men that subjected the Luo men to “forced nudity”, “forcible circumcision” and “penile amputation” (Grey, 2014, p. 279). A witness of the crime states, “my brother’s penis had been cut and placed in his mouth. His testes were chopped off and placed in his hand. The brother did not survive this attack. Another eye-witness stated: The Kikuyu militias were forcibly circumcising Luo men … They grabbed one man, about 30 years old, and told him to remove his pants. He just kept saying, What? What? Then they forcibly removed his pants. One person was holding his penis, and another one was cutting his foreskin with a piece of a broken Fanta bottle” (Grey, 2014). The Pre-Trail Chamber told the prosecution that these acts, “Does not establish the sexual nature of the acts of forcible circumcision and penile amputation visited upon Luo men. Instead, it appears from the evidence that the acts were motivated by ethnic prejudice and intended to demonstrate cultural superiority of one tribe over…show more content…
However, the act of cutting the brother’s penis including testes and addition to placing it in his mouth and hand is a form of sexual assault and humiliation to the victim. The Luo men were being punished for voting for the Orange Demographic Movement (ODM). A witness statement said the Luo men, “were forced to remove their underwear to confirm their ethnicity, because Luo men traditionally are never circumcised. The perpetrators committed these acts in order to punish the men for supporting the ODM” (Grey, 2014, p. 279). The second statement indicates that the Luo men are responsible for the violence acts done to them because they choose to support the ODM campaign. However, the statement fails to say that these men did not have a choice to switch their
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