Why Do People Like to Communicate with Social Networks?

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Why Do People Like to Communicate with Social Networks? Social networks are very relevant nowadays. Billions of minutes per day people spend for communication with each other in the social networks, such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter and many others. They radically changed the nature of people’s communication. Social networks have motivated people to seek more and more friends; however, it is not the amount that goes into quality. Sustainable and responsible friendship between the people turned into sharing photos and writing short messages. People in social networks flaunt their lives and post only their most eloquent phrases and images. In fact, they show their pseudo personality which means they simulate
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Because of the social networks, people forget how to communicate face to face which is very important for human development. Also, unlike in virtual communication, through personal interaction one can easily see the mood of the interlocutor or his natural reaction to what was said. Social networks cannot substitute real life with its open arms, smiles, firm handshakes, and kisses. Nowadays, people feel more comfortable when they hide behind the internet’s wall. However, social media make it possible for socially isolated or shy people to connect with others and make friends. According to, “A lot of people feel the sites are replacing face to face interaction, but they are just an addition. And for some, they are wonderful addition,” Dr. Timothy O’Boyle said. Thanks to social media they do not feel lonely, even despite all the shortcomings, social networks are the only option for them to communicate with outside world.
To summarize, surprisingly the shortcomings of these services are nothing like the reverse side of their merits. So, everyone knows that social networks are a convenient platform for versatile communication. However, many are so immersed in these communications that they do not notice anything around. All day long they sit out on their favorite sites and constantly scan the pages of friends and exchange messages with them. Work and study at the same time
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