Why Do People Need To Survive

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Article Link: IMPORTANT SURVIVAL SKILLS YOU NEED TO KNOW IN THESE 10 LIFE-THREATENING SITUATIONS Life is full of surprises, good or bad things come in life but life never stops. Just think for the moment if you got stuck in such a life threatening situation, where your every step can leave a deep impact on your life then what will you do for the survival of your life. In this article, you will know about the most important survival skills. Just continuing the reading 1. Falling Elevator Falling elevator is most common life-threatening situation an average of 26 people dies in elevators each year in the US. Just remember the following things if you get stuck in this situation. Don’t…show more content…
2. Trapped In Freezing Cold Water If you got drowned into the cold freezing water then you need to make some effort to stay alive. Because according to experts it takes only 30 minutes to stop your breathing. You need to keep your body warm for this just follow the following tip Escape Lessening Posture, which means crossing your arms over your chest and bringing your knees up to your chest. This posture helps to keep the heat around your vital organs as possible. 3. Avoid the Bystander Effect Bystander effect mean the situation where a crowd of people gathered around an accident, and everyone is expecting someone else will jump in. Just use your own intelligence and take a fast decision. 4. Survive a Riptide Just try to Stay calm and think about your options. Don't follow the same route you swam in. Raise an arm to seek help. Try floating with the current. 5. Wild Animal Attack If a wild animal try to attack you then do following things • Try to calm down • Don't run, because in this case the animal will chase you and attack • Don’t make eye contact and do not turn your back on the
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