Why Do People Of Diverse Backgrounds

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Today, it is very common for people of diverse backgrounds to find themselves living in the same neighborhood or working in the same workplace as one another. In such societies, every individual has a part to participate in order to make it possible for each person to live in harmony with people of diverse cultural, ethnic, racial or geographical backgrounds. Asking someone helps out a lot to understand their background rather than assuming. You should always refrain from prejudging people according to their situations. Do not be quick to say many negative things about people whose cultural and religious backgrounds you do not understand well. You should try as much as possible to resist the impulse to make negative comments that could harm fond relations with these people. You should appreciate individuals based on their character and not based on cultural, religious and stereotyping. Every person has the right to do things his own way and this freedom must not be interfered with for…show more content…
No one is perfect in this world, if everyone was perfect then we wouldn’t have laws or punishments, that’s not the case though. Once you know more about other people's cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds, you will easily learn to appreciate them as they are. This is a very good way of maintaining unity. That way you don’t have chaos. In diverse communities, it is common for people to be labeled according to their outward appearance. Whereas it is true that people of a particular geographical or cultural background may share similar features in terms of physique, you must not use this similarity to label them. When labeling people in a diverse community, you should consider only the content of their character and intellect and not their racial, tribal, religious, social class or ideological
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