Why Do People Read Books And Watch Movies?

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Is the topic of abortion more one that can be answered simply, or is it a issue that is more complex than any other topic today in America? The Cider House Rules, a book by John Irving perfectly demonstrates the conflicting feelings that are felt on abortion. Who is right, the person who is pro-life, the person who is pro-choice? There are all a number of sub-topics to look at while trying to make a decision on whether you’re pro-life, or pro-choice. Abortion is a tough issue to answer because of the biological, and moral situations that come into play. Many of the best literary works have been made into a movie. When the film is created, there becomes a question of which form of entertainment is better, book or movie? A question that is typically not asked, but should be asked, is, “Why do people read books and watch movies to begin with?”. Maybe the purpose is to escape reality, be a part of a fictional reality, or to take a break from thinking for two hours or even an evening. For either reason, books and movies are a huge pastime for people all around the globe. The Cider House Rules, by John Irving, was one of many books recreated into a movie. This book is set in the early to mid twentieth century and is about an orphanage that illegally performs abortions. It shows how different characters’ develop and their positions on abortion as they journey through life. When it was made into a movie, there was a lack of characters, which contributed to the “book or movie”

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