Why Do People Resort To Violence?

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Why Do People Resort To Violence? “I’m gonna knock you down!” This is what you typically hear when you are in a fight or are observing one. We see this kind of violent behavior everyday in our life. Everybody including students, teacher, and parents have experienced this kind of assault at least one time in their life. After the fights, and the quarrels, people don’t think about one thing and that is why did they do this? What was the reason? Why did they resort to violence? Some people say that it is because of anger, and other’s say that it is a way to defend yourself. But there is more to this topic. People also resort to violence because they think it is a priority and for their friends, family, and their other loved ones. The…show more content…
Romeo was one of Mercutio’s closest friends. He cared for their friendship, and that is the reason why he slain Tybalt even though he was his beloved Juliet’s brother. Another moment in the book that show’s Romeo addressing violence solely because of a loved one is at the end of the book when we see him in the Capulet’s tomb, killing Paris for preventing him to meet Juliet, “Wilt thou provoke me? Then have at thee, boy! [They draw and fight].” (5.3 70-71). Paris was preventing Romeo from meeting his beloved Juliet and that is the reason why Romeo killed him. For his true love. Most of the time, the public says that violence is not the answer to a problem or a dilemma but, it is also important to know why do people resort to it. As seen in the famous novel by William Shakespeare, “Romeo And Juliet,” it can be as simple as a priority or it can be for someone you truly love or care about such as family and friends. A Fight or a quarrel always has some kind of reasoning behind it. It just does not appear magically. So, the next time we see say, “I’m gonna knock you down!” to someone, lets take a minute to ask
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