Why Do People Still Stereotype?

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Why do people still stereotype?

There are many people in the world that are all different races or to some all different colors. People tend to judge others because of who they are and their skin color. Most people tend to judge black individuals more because of some negative things that they tend to do or say. However, this issue has not just started its been going on for years. Although, all people are human beings; their cognitive thinking is different as individuals.

Many people tend to stereotype black people because of how they were raised as a child. Some people teach their children to not like or even talk to blacks because they are a different race then them. Some people are still living in the past when blacks and whites
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Not only are blacks stereotyped because of their color or appearance sometimes it is because of what people have heard about them or what they have seen. Most of the time when watching the news there is always something on T.v. about a black person robbing someone or shooting a person. Therefore blacks are judged because of those situations. In the Los Angeles Times it was said that "The risk of dying from a gunshot wound is twice as high for African Americans as it is for White Americans." (Kaplan, Karen A12). There have been times that a person will say to act your color, what does that actually mean? just because a person is a certain color they should talk a certain way. "Acting white not only determines how you are rewarded, but also acts as a marker of what you deserve. It 's why African Americans, as comedian David Chappelle observed in a recent television interview, are "bilingual," adept at eliminating "black-associated" patterns of speech in a job interview or at the workplace. "When I am sitting at the table [in Hollywood], I want that white guy to know that my parents are better-educated than he is," said Chappelle. Speaking white is speaking privilege.(Chaudhry, Lakshmi 38-40)

A person should not stereotype blacks because they are not
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