Why Do People Still Stereotype?

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Why do people still stereotype? There are many people in the world that are all different races or to some all different colors. People tend to judge others because of who they are and their skin color. Most people tend to judge black individuals more because of some negative things that they tend to do or say. However, this issue has not just started its been going on for years. Although, all people are human beings; their cognitive thinking is different as individuals. Many people tend to stereotype black people because of how they were raised as a child. Some people teach their children to not like or even talk to blacks because they are a different race then them. Some people are still living in the past when blacks and whites were segregated. Although there are people that are not just black or white some people see it as either black or white. Not only do people stereotype blacks because of their color they also stereotype them on their appearance. A person may judge another because that person 's hair is not long and silky but instead it is rough and kinky. They may look at a person an if they are not skinny enough or have a pretty white or black skin complexion they will automatically start to judge a person. For example when president Obama was elected many people were mad simply because he was African American."Senator Barack Obama 's victory in the 2008 presidential election sparks an increase in hate related incidents extremist groups. Noose hangings,

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