Why Do People Use Atomic Bombs

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Imagine you have a small child, son or daughter. They’re just playing in the park all calm and you see a small speck in the distance hit the ground. Immediately a mile high mushroom cloud emerges from the ground. That is the last thing you see, before you and your child were vaporized instantly. These atomic bombs are unmeasurable in their destructive capabilities. They take a massive chunk out of each country’s budget when that money could be focused on helping the countries people. Also the hidden organization that these weapons were made was in one of the biggest populated cities, Manhattan.
To start, The Manhattan Project, was staged out of one of the biggest, and populated cities, Manhattan, New York. Some beg the question, what if something
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To remember those people in the park. All that’s left of them, a shadowed outline on the cement. Those are the lucky ones, the ones in the park with the grass, nothing. Even if some people made it, half of them would be blind by the brightness of the bomb. They could’ve even later died from the radiation, no one would’ve known. Who is to speak for them.
The trinity test was a test for the atomic bomb before they put them in planes and shipped them overseas. This test was dangerous and would have killed people. Military officials rested the bomb atop a steel structure or tower which was where they were going to set

off the bomb. The detonation was set for 4:00 on July 16, 1945 but it was raining at this time so they delayed it to 5:30, July 16, 1945. The bomb went off and some say that the scientists at the site, lost their hearing from not knowing what it was like.
Therefore I believe that the atomic bomb was too destructive in its abilities. It is dangerous and toxic for the aftermath, the Manhattan project had too much money in it’s budget, and we detonated a bomb that could level a city on American
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