Why Do People Use Media Censorship?

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What is media we all use it and how does it affect us all. It's implemented everywhere we go from Facebook to Snapchat, we the younger generation have media always at our fingertips but how would it affect us if we had to deal with media censorship, like that of China where : facebook youtube and twitter are banned these platforms that consume Americans is banned because china cannot moderate and thus loses control of it . Programs like Youtube citizens many of us have spent hours watching videos or just listening to music but In China they have a unique alternative to youtube Youku and Tudou where most of their videos are more professionally done, and so many companies use it and some consider it a platform similar to Hulu as the videos, as to facebook china has Renren which is used to Speak with peers your own age because it matches your age and graduation in consideration to allow for a meaningful connection. and the thing about the platform is that its members usually meet up for similar activities.(Social Media in China: The Same, but Different. (n.d.). Retrieved February 06, 2017, from
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