Why Do People Use Social Media Bias?

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This article explains how informed teenagers with news that go on around the world. Even though we have easy access to news and current events a lot of people don’t use their resources to inform themselves on what happens within their surroundings. The main issue is how relevant and credible online sources tend to be nowadays, with social media it has become harder to tell apart facts from opinions. This has created a system called citizen journalism, which gives the public the chance to play a part of a role in the transmission of news with just using their phone. Meaning a lot of opinion based comments and posts that are being put on social media make it difficult for teenagers to tell apart reality from biased news. Researchers state that…show more content…
However, when it’s something more serious like a tragic event that just happened throughout the country one might need to double check if all the facts are true. In my opinion people who don’t tend to pay attention to what is going on within their community or government will not have a very important say in what goes on in their country. For example, if many people who vote for a certain candidate or politician believe everything they saw on social media they wouldn’t be voting for the right reasons. With a lot of the content that gets put online many of the people who view it make fun of it but the other half believes it. This ties in with what we learned in government class with the specific types of media that big conglomerates put to the public to judge. A lot of it is based on media theories in politics, the hyperemic needle theory states that the media injects a desired message straight into the vulnerable audience’s mind. Which in this case fits perfectly with the article because of how most of the people are fond of not paying attention to what goes on in the world and tend to believe most of what is
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