Why Do People Use Steroid?

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Trenton Toler 4/18/17 Research Paper
Tired of sitting the bench because you are being ran over by the defensive line? One of your team mates catches you after practice and offers you a way to get bigger quicker. One pill or injection starts you on a journey that allows you to build muscles. You soon realize your dream of being a starter on the football team.
Steroids and what there used for? Typically when someone hears the word steroids they think lifting weights and big men. Usually that’s the case but now a days steroids can be used for medical use, and for getting physically muscular. They have been used in sports for athletic performance. Steroids are used differently for the different types of steroids. The following can be used
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More side effects are potential birth effects, irregular periods, and breast shrinkage.
When taking steroids there can be different types like Anadrol, Oxandrin, Dianabol, Winstrol, Decca-Durabolin, and Equipoise. These different types can and are used today Illegal/Legal.
Taking steroids can have benefits like a increase in body mass, increase in muscle mass, and Healing rate. Typical uses for the following steroids are for building an athlete, when prescribed for healing rate, and just simply getting bigger.
Steroids can be used in a positive way. Doctors prescribe steroids for hormonal issues, delayed puberty, they also can treat for diseases that cause muscle loss like cancer and Aids. But some athletes and bodybuilders abuse the power of the boost performance or to improve their physical appearance.
From the previous years there have been athletes that have used thy said drug. Lance Armstrong for example used steroids and was stripped his seven Tour De France. Another athlete like Barry Bonds. Another great story, a famous great athlete, who used the drug for a healing rate for a scar on his knee. Which later down the road he late tears his elbow in a later game. Last story Alex Rodriguez a major league baseball player for the Yankees. When using the enhanced drug from 2001 to 2003 because of the pressure of the
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