Why Do Pets Become Unprotected?

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Everyone Deserves a Second Opportunity Companion animals are common creatures selected by their owners who desire to share a life with them; furthermore, with a meaningful purpose their owners determine to take responsibility for being in charge of those species. As an example, this kind of commitment was established also in the elder Egyptians’civilization, where cats were considered magical creatures; for that reason, they were revered and special beings for them. Unfortunately, some paths that were connected in the beginning can take apart; consequently, pets become unprotected. Additionally, they risk their lives because of the necessity to survive in the wild reality. This abandonment affects some communities. According to some statistics, Miami-Dade county has approximately 300,000 feral cats; in addition, overpopulation of not…show more content…
Moreover, this procedure consists of sterilizing and returning them to their respective colonies. Alternatively, vasectomy is an accurate position to consider according to the cats’necessities because this praxis allow them to subsist in their wild life. As the American Veterinarian Medical Association points out, vasectomy is an operation in which the tube that carries sperm is cutted, as a result, cats retain their reproductive hormones. In contrast, a cat that has been neutered loses all of its sex hormones; consequently, he is unlikely to get into alley cat fights with unneutered cats that stumble along. In other words, the cat that was submitted under vasectomy conserves its social status; furthermore, the cats’life span is not altered. Also, female cats who get hysterectomies will try to mate; therefore, they will enter a 45-day pseudo-pregnancy period, technically called Pseudocyesis, which can dissuade fertile males from entering the
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