Why Do Professional Athletes Get Away With Crime?

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Do Professional Athletes get away with crime because they are famous? They are heroes in the respective cities they play, and are portrayed as role models for the younger generations whom adorn their rooms with their favourite player’s memorabilia. Professional athletes work so hard in their life training 24/7 a week so they can perform at the level they do. So just because they work hard all their life at sport, does this give them a jail out of free card? Everybody should have to pay the consequences for their actions, but it seems one’s status can affect whether or not they are held responsible.

Professional Athletes are well known in their sport, and tirelessly training and put on strict diet so they can perform as best as they can and
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But just because of someone’s social statues that they are above the law, that they don’t go under the same roof as the rest of society. We give athletes this get-out-of jail free card for all their crimes, but why is that fair? They break the law, so why don’t they face the full conquests like everyone else, so what’s the point of laws in the first place if the government doesn’t inforce them.” Money equals freedom. And justice for none.” (,…show more content…
Professional athletes are always under the pump, either if they are on the field or out in their social life, we are they to see it, to give them judgement with every life choice. So when an athlete commitment a crime they are the centre of the news and papers, they are always looked at and face so much pressure to keep these perfect statues, which no one is and impossible to do. So when they do commit a crime the lights are on them and never get a fair go because we think just because their famous that they should be punished hardly because “they are role models of this generation”, “shame on them”. Athletes are working 10+ hours a day to keep fit, training their whole life and are on a strict diet, making them not different then everyone else so this should give leeway with punishment because they work 10x harder than a normal person and are more advance then most. Why should professional athletes be treated the same then normal people when they are nobody’s in life where athletes have made something of them self’s and have worked hard to get where they are.

Everyone in life makes mistake, it’s part of life and we learn off them. Yes professional get away with crime and its wrong, I believe that whoever you are, rich, poor, famous, a professional athlete or just a normal person, if you commit a crime or break the law you need to face the consequences for your actions. We have laws
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