Why Do Professional Athletes Use Performance Enhancing Drugs?

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Performance Enhancing Drugs Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211games during the year of 2014 for using performance enhancing drugs. Performance enhancing drugs or PED’s should not be tolerated in sports because it causes long term effects on your body, it does not show your true talent, and it is not worth losing your career, life, family, or friends. PED’s in high school, college, and professional sports have been a problem since the 1960’s. There are many types of performance enhancing drugs like: stimulants, supplements, human growth hormones, and anabolic steroids. These PED’s are taken to improve strength, train for longer periods of time, and improve endurance. “Doping” is a word used to show that athletes are using illegal substances to improve their skill level. The World Anti-Doping Agency was created to bring awareness about the issue of doping into the sports arena. Many organizations have banned performance enhancing drugs and test for them periodically. The National Football League, or NFL, started testing players for steroids in1987. The International Olympic Committee (IOC), in 1976, banned the use of steroids. Major League Baseball (MLB), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA),…show more content…
Athletes using performance-enhancing drugs have an advantage of being stronger and having higher endurance. According to Richard Pound, BCL, former President of the World Anti-Doping Agency, “The use of performance-enhancing drugs is not accidental; it is planned and deliberate with the sole objective of getting an unfair advantage." Professional athletes should have no reason to use PED’s because they are paid for using their natural abilities. Using PED’s is also unfair for the athletes who work tirelessly to build muscle, to become stronger, and to be the absolute best they can be. Some athletes that get caught using performance enhancing drugs are at risk of losing their career and or
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