Why Do Pythons Get To The Everglades

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Thease are some reasons how pythons got to the everglads. One of the reasons why the pythons got to the everglades people kept them as pets. People who have pythons are not realzing how big they can get and when they get big they relise them into the wild and in flardo they made there way to the evere gladys. Another way they got there there was a storm and people had baby pythonspythons. and a storm came and then killed some of the babys and then flew away to the evere gladys. Some of they slitherd away to the evere gladys. How people are trying to reduce the thret of pythons. Pythons are being hunted and the state of flarda let hunters go in and hunt the there were about 1000 hunters. SInts kill hundrs a year to study them. People
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