Why Do Regular Cars Play A Significant Role In Our Society

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Automobiles are a crucial innovation that play an increasingly significant role in society today. Cars provide people with a primary method of transportation and have emerged as a basic necessity for people in their day-to-day lives. Although they have a variety of positive effects, regular vehicles also come with many different detrimental aspects. These adverse effects can be eliminated by a new transformative type of automobile known as autonomous, or self-driving, vehicles (AVs). Regular vehicles lack the same safety, opportunities for everyone to have the same transportation, efficiency, and environmental benefit. Society would become more advanced by modifying transportation today by only having AVs on the road and no regular vehicles whatsoever. The AVs could permissibly have different moral algorithms from each other, depending on consumer and manufacturer choice; any moral algorithm that…show more content…
Studies show that 90% of car accidents are attributed to human errors which would be eliminated by removing regular vehicles off the road and replacing them with driverless vehicles. Roads would no longer be plagued by drunk driving, sleepiness, inattention, road rage, etc which are the leading causes for car accidents. Each AV would be programmed with safety limitations that would prevent most common accidents that happen during every day commutes. Thus, there would be fewer fatalities and injuries seen in a year. On average in the United States 37,000 people die in car accidents each year and an additional 2.35 million are injured or disabled as well. In March 2013, the company Google logged more than 500,000 miles of autonomous driving on public roads with its driverless car without incurring a crash. This evidence shows that driverless cars provide much more security for passengers, therefore regular vehicles should be taken off of the roads
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