Why Do Religious Community Use Stem Cell Research?

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Why do religious communities oppose stem cell research and the use of stem cells to help cure human disease and illness? The use of stem cells for medical use have caused many debates and opinions to form in the different religious communities over the years. The main point that the religious communities debate on and that causes the most conflict with stem cells is when does life begin. Does life begin at conception, when the heart starts to beat, or at birth, and is the use of stem cells considered abortion or more seriously murder? Other main points that are debated over is how extra embryos are disposed of and how the embryos are treated during stem cell research. Finally, is there a way in which stem cells could be researched and used to help cure human disease and illness and the religious communities not be opposed to it? If the research does not involve the destruction or killing of an embryo, Christians should approve of stem cell research and use.…show more content…
These cells can grow into many things such as organs, tissues, muscles, or blood. These cells are able to renew themselves through cell division. One of the most unique aspects to these cells are they are able to replenish and repair themselves as long as the person is alive. This can be seen most commonly in red cells of the bone marrow. These cells are continuously repairing and replacing damaged and old cells. Because of stem cells unique ability to renew themselves into new cells, scientist have shown great interest in these cells. Stem cells that are being studied most by scientist are embryotic stem cells, adult stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem
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