Why Do School Books Should Be Banned From Schools

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Books are an essential to both school and after school life. They are the messages that have shaped our country. Unfortunately, many books have been banned from school libraries all across the United States for their messages or the themes they possess. While these books could be read out of school hours, they have been banned from school libraries or reading centers. While there are some aspects I do not agree with, I do, however, believe this is a good policy because it preserves the innocent minds of readers from inappropriate or unsuitable content.

As a child, I have enjoyed Disney’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland. But as I read Lewis Carroll’s original version of the story in my young adult years, I see there is content that I would have preferred not to have known. According to The University of Tulsa, I found out that,... “The most controversial scene takes place after Alice enters Wonderland and meets the philosophic caterpillar. The caterpillar sits atop a mushroom, smoking a hookah, offering Alice advice on how to find the white rabbit. He also provides Alice with a piece of the mushroom
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“An American high school has banned Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn because its use of the N-word is not "inclusive" and made them uncomfortable.” Alsond, “In 2011, a changed edition released by a publisher took out all uses of the N-word.” (Akkoc "American school bans Huckleberry Finn from lessons because of 'use of N-word'" 2015). I agree with this ban because students, and specifically those of that ethnicity, shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable because there are words that could potentially offend them. Thanks tofully, the publisher who had made a new edition, students can now enjoy the classic adventure without shame or embarrassment of the words in the original copy. The book was also banned for the reason of enforcing slavery and the fact that profanity was
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