Why Do Schools Need Censorship?

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Claim: Public media centers such as libraries act as knowledge outlets to the general public. These media outlets already deal with censorship, and adding more censorship would be harmful to today's education process. By limiting our access to different subjects as well as different viewpoints, there would be a major hindrance on the need to gain knowledge. Many people actively utilize their local media centers, moreover, if censorship was abundant within these facilities, many people would be starved of the knowledge they are seeking for. While the media centers would continue to supply information, there would be insufficient access to needed materials thus leaving an inadvertent negative impact on education. The implemented censorship would directly effect not only our generation, but future generations as well. While the change may not be visible at first, the lack of knowledge on aimless topics will become very evident.

Support 1: Media outlets have been designed for peoples educational gain, and by censoring the offered content within the media centers, there would be an absence of knowledge that someone could have potentially used. Furthermore, there is a range of people from primary school students to those attending university who still use these media centers. From personal experience, I use
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While middle school students who are running into the library seeking their local copy of Fifty Shades Of Gray are deemed insubordinate and mischievous, they are in actuality seeking out knowledge in subjects that they believe to be intriguing. Therefore, censorship in public spaces would in fact persuade adolescents to stop searching for information on subjects they think they would enjoy. By sending these subliminal messages to the youth, we would theoretically setting up our future generations for failure by persuading them to stop the pursuit of
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