Why Do Soccer Players Use Less Common Foot Skills

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Encouraging Soccer Players to Use Less-Common Foot Skills Most people who have played soccer for several years are comfortable kicking the ball with the inside of their dominant foot. Even some experienced players, though, are less comfortable with other foot skills, including volleying, kicking the ball with the outside of their foot, and using their non-dominant foot. Luckily, there are several things coaches can do to help their players become more comfortable with these skills. Include Them in Warm-Ups One of the best ways to feel comfortable with skills is to practice them. For many teams, passing the ball with a partner is part of the warm-up process. Have players use their non-dominant foot to pass the ball for a certain number of passes. Then have…show more content…
Have players line up facing the goal. Throw the ball toward the first player in line, attempting to get the ball at the player’s feet. Players should kick the ball into the goal before it bounces for a volley. Players can also practice half-volleys by kicking the ball in the air after it has bounced once. While even new players can practice kicking the ball with the outside of their foot and with their non-dominant foot, volleys are a little more advanced of skills and are likely more appropriate for players who are more confident in their current soccer skills. World Cup Many soccer players love playing World Cup, where players form teams of two or three people, and everyone tries to get the ball in the net without letting the other teams score. To have players practice their outside-of-the-foot, non-dominant foot, and volleying skills, pick how the goal must be scored that round. For example, all goals in the first round might have to be scored as a volley or half-volley. The next round players have to use the outside of their foot. In the third round, goals only count when they are scored with the player’s non-dominant foot.
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