Why Do Students Cheat ?

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“It is not a question of who cheats, it is a question of who cheats the most”. If everybody does it then why does it matter if you cheat every once in a while to get by. If students successfully pull it off then they easily slip by on a test or homework assignment without having to do anything, giving them more time to do leisurely activities. The reason some students cheat is deeper than that most of the time, with college requirements becoming higher, students struggle to reach those requirements without a little help sometimes. Students resort to cheating due to GPA’s, the pressure, and the reward.
To start, GPA’s are simple, the higher the grade you get the higher your GPA will be. To be able to play in any high school athletics a
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Those big colleges that everybody has wanted to go to at least once in their life only accept kids with 4.2’s and a 34 or higher on the ACT. Some kids are looking at a 3.8 and haven't taken the ACT yet thinking to themselves, how can i get my grades up so i can have a 4.2 so i can go to the college of my dreams with the least amount of work possible, and the answer is simple, to cheat. If they cheat they can bring their grades up causing their GPA to go up with it, and cheating takes less time than actually doing the homework giving the kids more time to study for the ACT to get a better score or to do the volunteer work that most of those colleges require. “The pressure to complete all of the work within the given time frame can make cheating look like a saving grace” (Wood). The list of pressures to cheat is a mile long and can be checked off easily by cheating, and kids are always looking for the easy way out.
Finally the rewards for cheating could make a list a mile long but there are a few that stick out. One big reward of cheating is it takes less time than actually studying, giving students more time to do leisurely activities and go out and be young and have fun. Students can get higher grades because of cheating, if they get a picture of a key they can get whatever score they want to bring their grade up. Their parents might give them money or presents for getting good grades. The pressure

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