Why Do Students In School Start Later?

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Brown, Damian 17 March, 2017 4th period Research paper on schools starting later What do most kids in school struggle with? Grades of course, but so many students can hardly stay awake during school and this causes school to be so much more stressful and difficult. If students could get more sleep in the morning they could be so much more successful in school. Why is it that students don’t get enough sleep? It is because of how early the school bells are. If students could get at least an extra hour of sleep, they wouldn’t be as tired. It has been scientifically proven that students (especially teenagers) do not get enough sleep. If students were to get at least an extra hour of sleep in the morning, they would not be as tired and could…show more content…
This can in fact be a problem, but in all that just depends on how late school is started. The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a new policy recommending that schools were to start no earlier than 8:30am, which really is only a half an hour later. Although this is only 30 minutes later, it can make such a difference in how students can function and learn throughout the day. With this students would do much better, and they wouldn’t get home as late. Brown, Damian 17 March, 2017 4th period The National Sleep Foundation says that teens need at least 9 hours and 15 minutes of sleep each night, but only 15% U.S high schools start at 8:30am and about 40% start before 8am. This issue has been in the school system for years but no one ever takes it in. This would help students so much, there is no reason why it hasn’t went into effect. There are very little problems to come with it, and the problems that do come can be easily fixed. In conclusion, the school system should allow schools to start later. If this were to go into effect, so many students would succeed in school more. They would not be as tired and could focus so much better. In all, schools starting later would benefit everyone tremendously. Works

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