Why Do Students Procrastinate?

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Throughout my college career, there have been many moments where I’ve procrastinated doing homework, starting projects and studying for exams. I look back and constantly find myself coming up with excuses for why I couldn’t get an assignment accomplished prior to the night before it’s due. When in reality, the work should have been completed at least a week in advance. However, I’m not the only one whom delays getting school obligations done. Including myself, numerous college students struggle with procrastination. Julian Gordan’s presentation, “No All-Nighters: How to End Procrastination & Perfectionism Forever,” did an outstanding job at addressing postponing school work. His principles consisted of comprehending the act of procrastination. Why do students procrastinate? How do they delay their obligations? And what specifically do they postpone? More in depth, his examples consisted of the effort-outcome grid, time management, knowing when to say no, and setting long and short-term goals. All of which I can say have been stable in my life, especially as a student leader. Continually, the role that I play in the student body gives me a great advantage in implementing these strategies in other people’s life. Of course, I haven’t perfected them, but I believe in everything being a learning experience, so, while implementing these principles in other people’s life, I will keep on being educated along with them.
In defining procrastination, my definition is letting a
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