Why Do Students Speak Gay Lingo?

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Why do students speak Gay lingo? For Heterosexual students The aim of the speakers is to be au courant. Heterosexual students want to show that they are well-informed in this genre of speaking. They want to let people know that they also have the capacity to speak gay lingo eventhough they are not inside the world of the homosexual where it is spoken. Also, their intention is to be modern. Since social media has made swardspeak popular, students are exposed to it and thus influencing them to use it. Students who use swardspeak want to be updated. They aim to be conscious of the latest and newest word of the twists and turns of the new verbal acrobatic act. According to a Philippine Star journalist, Samantha King, “In the world of…show more content…
In some circumstances, like Eunice’s, some students don’t have intentions to speak the gay lingo but because of the environment that they are in, they can’t help but adapt the language. Like what a Philippine Daily Inquirer journalist, Tatin Yang said,” Coming from an industry where the gay men outnumber the women, it is something that you’ll eventually pick up, like osmosis.” Conforming to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, language is part of a culture. Culture is learned and shared (Haviland, 1978). Thus, language is learned and shared. Gay lingo is used by the students because it is learned and shared. Students learn swardspeaking through their friends, fellow classmates, fellow youth and the social media. Some students, eventhough they are not native to the language, use gay lingo because it is learned. It is a learning experience. It is something new and interesting because it is fast-evolving. It is also shared so students who use gay lingo will not be left out because it is not for a single person only. It is meant to be shared. Gay lingo is also an adaptive mechanism. Students use it to fit in within a social group. A non-homosexual student can want to be a part of a homosexual group. Or in some circumstances, a non-homosexual student can be thrown in a place where there are lots of homosexuals. When that situation comes, gay lingo can be used as an adaptive mechanism.

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