Why Do Teens Become Sexually Active? Essay

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Virginity is the state of a person who has never engaged in sexual intercourse. The virginity has less value in our generation most teens want to lose it and a smaller percentage wants to keep it or lie about not having it. Why is our society like this? What makes more and more kids choose to lose it or pretend that they did? Why are virgins the minority in this generation? Why do some teens become sexually active? Is there pressure on teenagers to be sexually active? Honestly, Teens are being pressured everyday to be sexually active in television entertainment, the Friends on social media and when get home. Teens are being sexaually pressed through television entertainment, having sex is everywhere they look. Since the start of the 21st Century sexaul material in television has more than tripled. “Oral sex, never mentioned during the 1989 study period, was alluded to 20 times during four weeks in 1999. References to kinky sex rose from 13 mentions to 60 mentions. Specific references to genitalia during prime time have risen 700%.”(Bozell) It has gotten so bad that cable companies now have parental controls in their cable boxes. 20 years ago, it started with hints towards sex and now on HBO they show the women breast and show the act of having sex but thankfully leaves out show male genitalia. In shows like Scandal, True Blood and Game of Thrones: sex is portrayed as no big deal an adventurous journey you should share with as many people you want even if you 're not in

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