Why Do Teens Need Birth Control

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Introduction "The best contraceptive is the word no-repeated frequently." (Margaret Smith) Today teens around the world are becoming sexually active at a startlingly young age and at an increasing rate. These young children are putting themselves into situations that can drastically change their lives and they want more freedom with this. Teens want a way to have sexual relations at young ages without their parents knowledge and with a false sense of security in their future being unaffected by a possible pregnancy. These young children do not realize that there is no pill that can cure all life's troubles, there are repercussions and consequences to every decision made. The bible clearly states its stance on sexual immorality and there…show more content…
Give teens a chance to grow in an environment where their choices have consequences either negative or positive, to respect their bodies for the future, and to understand that life needs to be dealt with by yourself and your family not by a pill. Drugs do not only affect your mind but also the body, these are long term affects that people do not take into account when starting down the path of chemical changes in the body. "Yet another chemical weapon has reared its ugly head, directed at the once safest place on earth, a mothers womb." Children today are exposed to the normality of young women being very sexually active, but they are not informed of the consequences that come from keeping up a life like this. They are lied to in that they are not informed of how the protection from pregnancy doesn't protect them from other things like sexually transmitted diseases. Every year about three million teens will get a sexually transmitted infection. To catch the teens that are sexually active and forcing them to learn the harsh truths of how their protection does not protect them from everything from their parents and medical persons will save thousands from the harsh truths of these infections. Not only will teens become aware of what they are getting into before they start but now families…show more content…
"Declines in teenage pregnancies can be achieved through two mechanisms--changes in sexual behavior and changes in contraceptive use. Some observers have claimed that the declines are the result of increased abstinence..."(Darooch 2016). The key to a decline in teenage pregnancy and an increase in higher education is through abstinence. Teens need to be exposed to ways to stay free from sexual behaviors and encouraged by peers to stay pure. To keep teens included in family life and sure in their future will encourage them to stay safe and secure their lives. No one can make a teenager choose to stay away from sexual activity except themselves but influences from the outside will determine their answer tithe inevitable question at a party or on a date. Abstinence is not old fashioned, it is current and real and what should be elevated in society. America needs to turn around and look at where they are headed with young people and evaluate whether or not it is what they want to be making the desk ions for the world in years to
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