Why Do Teens Suffer From Eating Disorders

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Lory Gonzalez Mr. Bishop English 132.010 October 20, 2015 Why Do Teens Suffer from Eating Disorders: Annotated Bib It is no new discovery that teenagers in America tend to have a conflict with eating disorders. This problematic issue tend to affect many young teens just as the people that surround them, those who care for them. People might stop to think why teens struggle so much with eating disorders or how can this issue be wiped out. The thing is people need to be well aware of eating disorders and there definition and try to find a way to help decrease the amount of teens that suffer by having them. Here are a six articles that might help people have a better understanding in regards to teens and eating disorders. POPA, Teodora. "Eating Disorders In A Hyper-Consumerist And Post-Feminist Context." Scientific Journal Of Humanistic Studies 4.7 (2012): 162-166. Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 Oct. 2015. This article focuses on eating disorders, but most importantly on the top ones that society are more familiar with which are anorexia and bulimia. It addresses cultural aspects that help influence these two eating disorders. The article defines the disorders so people can have an actual intellectual definition, instead of what people most commonly think they are. Also it talks about eating disorders in relation with the consumerist society and the standards that are being established with body-management (POPA 162). This article will help in really defining
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