Why Do The Same With Your Business?

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Identify your type
Just as in real life it’s important know who is right for you. You wouldn 't commit to a relationship with someone you didn 't fancy would you. So why do the same with your business? Seek only qualified sales leads and customers and reach out to those who are likely to convert to a solid sale a rather than wasting your time with those customers that are teasing you, playing hard to get or just plain using you. Learn to be picky, Don’t be afraid to only go after the business that tickles your fancy.
Put yourself out there
If lonely, you know that sitting indoors watching crappy television and eating icecream is no way to find a new partner (unless the pizza delivery boy takes your fancy). The same applies to your business. If the notches on your office desk are looking a little thin and your client list isn 't at its best then you need to get out there a promote your business, the same way you would sign up to dating websites, go out to a few bars or ask your friend to set you up on a date. No one knows you exist unless you get your brand out there. Spread the word about your business through Search Engines, Content Marketing, Social Media, Networking Events and the likes.
Have something of value to attract your customers
The initial interactions between you and your new client encounter determine how the relationship unfolds. Consumers can fall in love with brands just as the can fall in love with people. Make sure that what you have to say early on is of
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