Why Do They Treat Me Differently?

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I remember running through into the arms of my grandmother almost everyday after school. “Why do they treat me differently?” I would cry as she ran her fingers through my long, black hair. Growing up, it was difficult for me to discover my true identity because although I was Mexican, I did not speak the language fluently. Accordingly, I was not a full blood Mexican because my grandmother was mixed with European culture and my step-father was Puerto Rican so his culture heavily influenced my up-bringing. At family parties my European family members would speak to me in English while my Hispanic family members would speak to me in Spanish and it would be two different dialects because of some adults being Mexican and some being Puerto Rican. Nonetheless, the other children at school had to single me out and remind me that I was “different.” Being teased in school was difficult to deal with in the early years because I grew up in a predominately Caucasian neighborhood that was incredibly prejudice. With that being said, I was given stares from adults in the neighborhood as well. However, that has transcended my views on how I experience the world and interpret the actions, beliefs and values of others. I realized that being raised by people of various ethnicities has given me a sense of comfort and belonging that has opened me up to opportunities that allow me to branch out and define myself as part of a much larger group. Today, I identify as Mexican because that is what
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