Why Do Utopian Societies Fail

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What is a Utopian Society? Many people are for Utopian Societies they believe that they are a good thing. Here are some reasons why Utopian societies are wrong, fail, and how I feel about them. It is important to know everything about them in order to understand what the big problem is, if you were just to hear the word Utopian Society and equal you would agree with it and think that it sounded nice but the truth is they aren't all that great they are very unfair and they try to hard to be perfect.
A Utopian Society is modeled on or aiming for a state in which everything is perfect. “Utopian societies is seen to be perfect by the people who create it.” Everyone in the is equal, no one is better than anybody else. Rules are strictly enforced and expected to be followed by everyone in the society. They are commonly thought to only appear in movies and books they exist in our modern society. They usually fail and end in a big disaster but some are successful. Most utopian societies fail because everyone is individual and we have already witnessed the creation and downfall of Utopian Societies. We have also experienced inequality and the right to live our lives how we want so no leader could convince everyone to act the same, have the same, and
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Also if everything is just handed to you and you all get the same of everything you have nothing to take pride in or anything to work for. Without Utopian Societies we learn how to work hard for the thing we want, how to achieve goals, how to express ourselves, and how to be thankful for what we are given without being told to or without having to we get to do it all on our. Even in a Utopia which is suppose to be a perfect community not everything is going to be perfect there is going to be something that goes wrong in it and we are still going to make mistakes. A Utopia is impossible because nothing is
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